Hardwood Resurfacing and Installation

Wood flooring, as seen today, has evolved from twigs on the dirt of a rudimentary structure in pre-historical times to the beautiful and plentiful varieties available today. In pre-history and throughout the 18th century, wooden planks roughly hewn on site were used extensively in many dwellings. Think of the earliest settler in America hacking a home out of the forest. Everything from the walls, shake shingles and floor were cut from the timber available nearby.

Stay classy with a classic look

Many Rockerz Residential clients also love the clean look of hardwood floors when considering a customized flooring solution, tailored to their home.  Wood floors can be very formal or somewhat casual, depending on your style and the size of the room.  

Our Process:

The refinishing process for hardwood involves sanding (and staining, if desired). We also apply a durable finish that will restore the beauty and originality of your wood floor. Whether you’re looking to simply update the look of your floor, or your wood floors are heavily scratched, dented or discolored, due to sun exposure, stains from spills, etc., wood floor refinishing is sometimes the best option. We will work with you from the start to pick and mix a stain color that best suits your home’s needs and style, offering our customers the ability to customize every room.

Environmentally Friendly

We offer the latest eco-friendly stains and finishes, as well as brand name, industry leading products that are safe to use in your home, with no impact on pets or children. Many customers appreciate our non-toxic GREENGUARD certified finishes. There are no strong smells, and we can finish your floors without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. IN addition, our dustless sanding process involves the use of containment systems, dust collection bags, and the latest sanding technologies -- so refinishing the floors in your home is virtually mess-free.

History Lesson

The introduction of design of different colors, stains and types of wood, as well as placement and various board lengths started in the 1600’s. This type of flooring was introduced to the world in the Netherlands. We all have witnessed the beauty of intricate inlaid patterns. Our appreciation for these fine wood floors should be directed to Dutch craftsman for their beautiful patterns and creations.  These design concepts were slowly adopted throughout Europe over time.  Many Tudor and Neapolitan structures found throughout Europe and America take the function of the wood floor and turned it into masterpieces of art.

The standardization of board size was the result from the industrial revolution and advent of the sawmill. With first the harnessing of waterpower and later electric, sawmills progressed continually in types of blades and rigging that made mass production of consistent board quality what it has become today.  Ironically, the rough-hewn look is now very popular amongst many of today’s modern homeowners.

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Rockerz Residential Surfaces has years of experience in hardwood floors and we are happy to join forces with you in your effort to revitalize your home. From entryways to dens and from dining rooms to bedrooms, hardwood is always a popular choice and an elegant way to finish your floors.

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