Epoxy Coverings

Epoxies have varied qualities that are incredibly useful in today’s modern world. They can be used as bonding adhesives, caustic resistant coatings, insulation materials, resinous terrazzo, FDA food prep compliant surfaces, electrostatic dissipative flooring, highly resistant wear surfaces, and high end designed floorings.

Epoxy Use & Planning

When looking at flooring options today, epoxies are highly flexible.  They offer an infinite pallet of colors and designs. Some of the latest most popular offerings are metallic epoxies — and most recently, wood chip embedded epoxies.  With all epoxy flooring options, the proper installation processes are critical for the final look and future endurance of the floor.  As in most all projects, planning is critical.

Layout Considerations

When planning a flooring project with epoxy, other issues besides just the floor surface need to be considered. Access to and from the work area needs to be established. Power needs and availability must be planned, along with site and property protective measures. Typically, when doing private residence, we are working inside someone’s present living space, so the movement of furniture, personal items and wall hangings need to be addressed.

Prepping The Floor

To assure proper adhesion, the flooring surface need to be properly prepared. Surface texture, repairs and cleanliness are paramount when installing epoxies. Many DIY failures are due solely to improper preparation. To prepare a floor properly, professional grade equipment should always be used, as well as a keen eye for trouble spots.


We use only commercial grade tooling and processes. We pay close attention to the air quality, temperature, and humidity. We test to ensure we have the right mix for curing and prep texture for adhesion. Proper ventilation of the area is important, as well as thorough clean up. The area needs at least 24 hours to set and should be cordoned off and avoided.

Get a grand entrance

Your frequent outdoor walkways are a perfect place to use the popular Terrazo epoxy flooring.  Be the talk of your community and upscale your typical concrete surfaces with a stone texture in various colors.

Probably the most difficult part of epoxy is the availability of many colors, patterns and design options.  At Rockerz Residential Surfaces, we want to make you are 100% satisfied with your new epoxy floor, and we will work with you to review your design options.  So, give us a call!  We have the experience, equipment and know how to exceed your expectations!

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