Reasons to Refloor

We’ve been around flooring and home remodeling projects for years.  And we’ve heard it all.  Here are a few of the more humorous comments we’ve heard from our clients over the years:

  1. My kids moved out and truthfully, it’s just time.
  2. There are wine stains in the game room floor from that New Year’s party…five years ago.
  3. We have not changed any of the floors since we moved in.
  4. We live on the deck and by the pool – we need something durable AND attractive.
  5. My old floor is just too 1975. Shag is out isn’t it?
  6. A new floor would help my garage and my car collection look cooler.
  7. I want to be the envy of my neighbors.
  8. We just renovated and I am in the mood for something totally different under my feet.
  9. My man cave needs that “wow” factor.
  10. I am home anyway during the pandemic; I may as well do something constructive.

If this sounds like you…or if you have a reason of your own, we can help. Book us for a gig and request an estimate today!

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