Our Standard: Zero Incidents on the Job

Our goal at Rockerz Residential Surfaces is to elevate our performance to achieve zero incidents on the job. Our safety standards not only protect our professionals on the job, but our customers and their families in their homes as well. With this in mind, we developed a safety program consisting of Certified OSHA training, weekly talk points, internal reminders and employee recognition through our bonus program.

The truth is that the Rockerz team is often working in the midst of an occupied and active home…kids, pets, deliveries, you name it. We take special precautions to plan ahead, clear access pathways, segregate the work area, and/or perform work after hours to limit interruptions for the homeowner and all family members. For us, health and safety is not just cliché or an ‘add-on,’ it is an inherent and necessary part of everything we do.

Safety Procedures

COVID-19 Pandemic Requirements

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, Rockerz Residential Surfaces continues to update our  Safe Work Procedures to maintain social distancing, wear masks and protective gear as required.  We stay familiar with all proactive measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a result, we have implemented new guidelines related to COVID-19. Actions taken are consistent with numerous organizations and our obligations under OSHA standards.  Here is a summary of our COVID-19 Standards and Procedures:

  1. We are engaged and working in residences in accordance with guidelines provided by Federal, State and Local governments.
  2. We are following all CDC guidelines for COVID-19.
  3. We have provided personal protection equipment (PPE) including masks, glasses, sanitizer and gloves for all employees on essential work sites.
  4. We practice social distancing on and off of job sites and quarantining if/when needed.
  5. We sanitize tools and machinery often.
  6. We sanitized fleet and equipment daily as a preventative measure using cleaning supplies specifically identified by the CDC.
  7. We cover vents, and open windows to encourage air flow. Air exchangers and vacuum / HEPA systems can also be requested on the job.
  8. We keep lines of communication open with daily calls to monitor the safety and well-being of our employees and their respective job sites.
Metalic Epoxy

Training and Empowerment

Demand is currently high for residential construction workers and remodelers. Many of our newer employees benefit from supervised “on the job training,” so you may very well observe an apprentice on your home flooring project. We firmly believe in apprenticeships and that well-trained employees are more likely to enjoy their jobs and produce high-quality work. When it comes to our intricate flooring processes, Rockerz Residential had found that this method of training ensures that all team members understand our procedures, resulting in job consistency and repeatable success in the field.

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